Thursday, August 26, 2010

hari ini

salam sejahtera
hari ini alhamdulilah semua nye memang agak bengong ckit tapi quite interesting.
pagi td belajar BEL @ language enrichment, bestnye, suddenly feel attracted with english pulak.
pastu hbs kelas wat assignment online database with ADA, but there is a problem with ADA's broadband. we have to work together to find the information.
but , we need to ask our lecturer to get full information about the assignment.
bestnye tengahari dapat tdo.
puas, dapat ganti balik masa tdo yg tak cukup dalam dua tiga hari ini.
kak liah mesej nak balik laptop, so kena siapkan assignment cepat - cepat ni, alhamdulilah semuanya tinggal 50 percent to go.
THANKZ TO KAK LIAH because allow me to borrow her laptop n broadband.
i feel so thankful to her.
and as usual what for berbuka, today makan nasi n lauk sawi n ikan, bestnye, dah seminggu tak makan makanan camtu.

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