Saturday, October 2, 2010

in my heart, there is a love

yeah, so there is love in my heart.
hari ini penat gak, tapi feel so relieve kerana dapat mengharungi ujian kawad, ujian titas, ujian imc 407, dan lain - lain.
assignment individual, assignment group,whatever, this all experience teach me something.
that is never give, show the interest,
and then you will find your interest in this field.
so, what we talk then ??
we talk about what happen today,
kesebelan terasa apabila bas pi seksyen 2 rosak , dan bas ganti hanya sampai selepas 3o minute, so exhausted, so tired,
tapi takpe, kita kena sabar.
as my mom and iz told me , sabo je lah.

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