Sunday, October 24, 2010

my heart berdebar - debar

i can't take my breath
why this happen ?
because i have something big that i must face 2morow.
my final exam, first paper, MGT @ bussiness paper.
it's my favorite my there is too lot of things that i must remember
what a shame, i'm just a lazy person. but , that behaviour i have ended a few days ago.
because i don't want to repeat any paper.
whatever happen i must struggle n must face the reality that i can't take easy of this exam.
so i must survive, and enjoy reading with my housemate.
thankz to my housemate, especially Zyma Senpai, Tia Hanami, Siti Sallymah, and other that give support and also do a brainstorming together.

i love you all as a friend.

as much as miss my parents in tenggaroh, i feel jelous because my eldest sister, Kak Liah can get balik kampung, and she get enjoyed with my siblings, Ecah n Jiji go to Tanjung Leman, to have a nice walk along the pantai and have sup ayam kampung n abc in lunch.

but, i got a free call to teman 20 (celcom blue), so i can disturb them whenever i want, not in a prayer time, i can call home, dad, ecah, Kak Liah so i can express my unsatisfaction feeling to them, because they get enjoyed so much.

i feel thankful to my dad,because he said "ayah doakan akak berjaya dalam periksa nanti", i feel lega n cannot wait for exAM tommorow, so must study.
bye - bye, see you on thursday.

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