Wednesday, November 3, 2010

my feeling with momo

salam sejahtera
i feeling good today, because once i finish my cooking i can eat my kue tiaw goreng.
wow, it is delicious, alhamdulilah, my empty stomach is being full again.
well after eating must feel sleepy , yeah, i feel so sleepy, and i fallen sleep.
and what for today schedule,
  1. watching the four
  2. watching style.
  3. sleep
  4. all in above involve solat and mandi of course.
i hope tommorow will be better, because i want to spent a day with my friends, perhaps.
to all my frenz at there, i hope they will not sleep late today, because it will affect they tommorow because they will lambat bangun,


for momo, mama love momo.
momo is the kawaaii.

i miss mum and dad, ecah and jiji.

i can't wait for 16 november,
i will back tenggaroh, my hometown, and on 17 nov is RAYA HAJI,
15 novemeber is start my cuti sem, and i hope all my friend is uitm will be ok, and don't forget me.
i'll back, if there is anything happen to me.
i'll see you on the next sem.

have a nice day


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