Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mid Term Holiday

just a day before i go back to my hometown, but there is some problem that i need to solve such as i need to confirm where i will take my bus whether in Bukit JALIL or Bandar Tasik Selatan,
on my way back to KL, i got message from my friend that one of them can't get the answer for a past year question , i only can give them guide, i hope they can finished it.

challenge is necessary to make our life become more mature and can make us became more strong, yes, it is true.
if we do not work,
if we do not eat,
we don't grind,
we don't shine.

so cheer up, we must fight and break the barrier between us, just go through the path and you can find the way.

the end...... maybe will be continue later

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