Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks To

Thanks To : Aina Leadah

bestnyer dapat tukar template,
akhirnye berjaya gak aku tukar gambar GDTOP.
HIGH HIGH , i'm so high
high high, in the sky
high high, i'm so high
fly fly , touch the sky

sambil dengar HIGH HIGH ni, my spirit become high
ok, we continue with our project tommorow, tommorow will be the bizziest day for this week.

and for the subject management archives, group will be not changes, i'm glad because i don't have to find another group, well of the plan has been made so we can work on it.

So i want to thanks to Ida , Bob, Razali and MAT for give commitment when we are doing group discussion.
so i hope in our next presentation we will do it the best.

we continue back with my parents,
like paper and pen , beat and mic,
i miss you all.
there just one week to go, and i will be patient to wait that monents.
mum, i miss you so much, same as you dad.

whatever happen, i will use my money wisely and not use it overload, hehehhe, perhaps....

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