Friday, February 11, 2011


hari ini hari jumaat, esok nak balik kolej, ada modul kemahiran insaniah pulak tu, malasnyer...
every semenster mesti ada wajib, jadi kite kenalah take that responsibility to attend that modul,
well, everything was fine, i got donwload all the video that i want for today, my jobs also finished, sweep the floor, moping the floor and wash the balcony also done, lunch also done, just make a vegetable soup for lunch and it enough for me,
i feel jelous with my sister because she managed to got one day off / holiday on monday, so she will have four days holiday that can cause her to buy a ticket bus back to mersing, huhuhuhu.
so sad, but that's okay, when time has come it will be my turn to have a vacation.
next, we move on to the assignment , article review archives dah siap, tinggal records management and records centre, memang malas tahap keberapa ntah, but, everything will be finished when i have the fighting spirit , maybe later, perhaps.
it's been a long journey that i get here, i means shah alam and kuala lumpur, and there is alot of many that i have been used to get here, but i realize, all my pain and hardwork will be paid off if i got the degree, so i must work on it.
so for this moment, i want to say that :

  1. i love my family
  2. i love my friend.
  3. i love my work.
  4. i love BIGBANG.
  5. i love BEAST
that's all thanks you to all  who support me, bye - bye.


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