Friday, February 25, 2011

National Archives in Malaysia

yesterday, 23 febuary 2011  bersamaan dengan hari rabu

we all pi National Archives , berkonvoi sebanyak 5 cars go to jalan duta @ NAM for do some research regarding subject managing archives, our lecturer want us to make some research about the history of our country, no matter the title such as KTM, 13 MEI, etc, 
even in the ealy morning, there is a lot of problem and we wait for more than a hours to get the rented cars, but all the patient is pay off.

our other classmate such as Akma , Ruhil, Sweetcorn n MiZA go by rented cars and they arrived early than us, Farizah, Mas, Faridah and Nazratul  take a  public transport to go to NAM, 

alhamdulilah everything going very well, and everyone is safe and arrived safetly.
so in the future let's we finished our research and come back to NAM.
i miss you NAM.

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