Monday, May 9, 2011

on 8 May 2011

salam everybody,
semalam merupakan my first day go to KLIA, it's okay walaupun tak dapat masuk kat dalam airport, just tempat untuk check in, and lambai kat kakaku yang pi Bintulu tu for outstation, and naik KLIA Transit yang lalu n best tu, huh, memang best la.

and , itu hari my fren give a present for my birthday, a frame, thanks to my frenz, Siti Salimah.
and semalam gak i got a present from my other frenz, Nurul Akma :

so that's all for today, nak study for record repository for next final exam.
love my mum, thanks to all, gud luck for you all for next final day, and i hope my sis will be safe while doing her job.

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