Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a Few Days

assalamualaikum, apa khabar semua ? dalam mode bercuti ke ?
i got a flu today, tapi feeling more better dari pagi tadi. maaf la kalau saya guna bahasa rojak ye.

for a few days, i got a holiday.. but my little sister not in my side because she has gone. gone to matriks. hehehe. hope she will have a good exxperience at there. and me stuck with flu at here. for the past a few days, the weather were nice, i mean sunlight and rain have become main attraction here, maybe because of the monsoon. after this i need to cook for lunch, just two of us, me and my bro. my mum and my dad go for rewang at our neighbourhood. and oning have dissapeared, play in other place.

there is a lot of thing  i need to complish today, but i feel so lazy, why this happen to me. T_T. Maybe after luch , i can finish it. with my blocked nose and flu i can't record my voice for my project. i hope you all take care of your health in rapid change of weather, sometimes it will hot and sometimes it will be rain. but, whatever the weather, i love it because i at my lovely house. hehe.

ok, see you next time.

message :
Mum and Dad : please take care of your health, love both of you.
My Bro : can you cook lunch for me ?
for my lovely eldest sister : please take care of your health, i got flu too. T_T.
for my little sister : oning and belang miss you so much, some as us, jiji is mistake to call me ecah. ECAH we miss you.
Mr.I : please takecare of your health too. especially your hand because is still simen kan ?, hehe

assalamualaikum and good bye

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