Friday, June 28, 2013

Akhirnya Part 1

Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone.
today is Jummat, the barakah day.

it's means that i have finished my final projects,hehehe.

but, there is still problem that disturb my mind , i did not get the confirmation for my practical place. but, i just wait and wait and the confirmation.

until the last week saya kat kolej ni , banyak yang terjadi and memberikan makna yang cukup mendalam kepada saya. GEMBIRA, SEDIH, MASAM, TAWA, PAHIT, MANIS, MASIN everything in my heart. I just love it. it teach me a lot.

start with the deceased of ONING, my lovely dovey cat that have pass away a few weeks ago. it hurt me a lot. i become hurt and i want to cry when i think about it. T_T.

but, my friends always cheer me up, thanks friend. for a 2 weeks before final, there is a lot of event and activities such as do an assignment, do an assignment, dinner, assignment, finishing school, assignment, dinner class, assignment and a lot of test. after finish print my kordil, i just happy even there is some mistakes, i'm happy because it finally end, and  i must start new and ready for my practical and job searching. it doesn't matter if i work in various company whether it huge or small as long as i got the experience and know how to handle the problem and solved it. and i need to prepare myself for it.

i want to thanks to all my friend especially for my classmate , let me list them out. ( i just take their name from list name of practical according to the abjad :

1. AB Shahmadhasfsham from Terengganu
2. Afiqah Binti Zubir from Subang, Selangor
3. Atiqah Nur Umar from Kulim Kedah
4. Che Ufairah Che Hussin from Kelantan
5. Hafizah Abdul Hafidz from Bintulu Sarawak
6.Intan Syarizan Mohd Nazhar form Segamat, Johor
7.Laily Syuhaida Safia from Sekinchan , Selangor
8.Mastura Che Amat from Penang.
9.Mazliani Shahadan from Parit Sulong, Batu Pahat.
10. Muhammad Asyaraf Ahmad Royali from KL,
11. Muhd Azwan Sobri from Kedah
12.Muhd Faizol Abd Halim from Pahang
13. Mohd Fazli Mahazan from Kedah
14.Mohd Suffi Ismail from Seremban,
15.Muhammad Shahrul Nizam from Perak
16.Muhammad Syawal Mat Ghani from Kelantan
17.Murni Hasin from Kelantan
18.Nadzratul Fariha Yazid from Melaka
19.Noorshofiya Norain from Pontian
20.Nor Azlina Idris from Kedah
21.Nor Ilyana Harun from Kelantan
22.Nor Fadzlina Ramli from Kelantan
23.Nur Hamizah Mat from Kedah
24.Nur Ilani Osman from Seremban
25. Nur Raihana Amerudin from Kajang
26. Nurfairuza Mohd Hamzah from Banting, Selangor
27.Nurul Aini Abdul Wahid from Perak
28.Nurul Akmah Juma'at from Segamat, Johor
29.Nurul Fariza Farahin Fazillah from Penang
30.Nurul Hidayah Zakaria from Melaka
31.Razali Ismail from Perak
32.Ruhillyana Arsat from Batu Pahat
33.Aiti Aishah Hashim from Penang
34. Siti Farida Sahari from Sarawak
35.Wan Suhaili Megat Saad from Kedah
36.Zulaikha Sofia Zulkifli from Rembau , N9

sekalung penghargaan diucapkan kepada sahabat sekelas saya dan sempga panjang umur, murah rezeki and if nak kahwin don't forget to invite me,

GOOD LUCK and see you in the graduation day. ^^

Friday, June 21, 2013