Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hai, Hello

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera. apa khabar semua ?
sejak habis sem 6 saya tak post apa - pun. T_T. Ini kerana kemalasan yang amat mendalam di dalam diri untuk menaip. maafkan la saya. sejak kehilangan Oning, saya banyak go through his picture, looking and memorize back the memory between me and him. i really miss him a lot. i don't know why. 

well, everything happen is must be accepted. kalau dah takdir dia akan pergi, dia akan pergi lambat atau cepat. we never know. so, i'm back to Shah Alam to continues ITIL course for 13 days. to get the certificate. most of the content is related to the service management. not bad. even during bulan ramadan it is still interesting because i have new experience and challenge and with my friend we make it more lively and happily during the class. hehehe.

so, in the end i need to do revision for tomorrow exam. k, bye - bye.

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