Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working Experience

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera.

Good morning everyone.
It's been a long time seen I write the last post. and I couldn't remember .
today is Tuesday, and it still didn't have a proper duties as the intern in my organization. But, it sometimes quite boring and sometimes quite challenging.

I as the record management student, really hope to work something related with record, and I managed to get the experience the arrangement of bill, label the document, make index in the file and others. it can be consider record management because I managed the record related to my organization. I can see the classification used by the organization and meaning behind it.

ok, enough about my internship, we continue about life in the rumah sewa.
I think the price for the rent house is quite expensive because it did not involve the electric and water expenses. And I see the wild dog is walking during night and in the morning, it might be dangerous to walk alone during night. I hope I can survive until the end of Novembesr and end my internship with flying colours.

And my lecturer that managed our practical still not announce the name of our supervisor and our case study. it might be confused and heartbreaking to think about the title and case study that I need to research in the organization.

and for three day public holidays for me, I will go to KL, to meet my lovely little sister from Banting. I miss him so much, moreover, she ask me to download anime that include 10 episode.

well, the air conditioner is too cold, I have to wear t-shirt inside my baju kurung,

and that's all my bebelan. Everything is alright, and I miss so much ONING and my mum and dad. I hope mum and dad will always sihat. that's all.

Bye- Bye